A Night Of Celebration

One Year Bible Reading CelebrationWhen: January 8th from 6-7:30
Where: Start in the main auditorium and then throughout the church
Who: Everyone who has something to celebrate because of the work God has done through His Word. Even those who want to celebrate what God has done in someone in their family or a friend can come.

What Does The Night Look Like? Well, we will all start in the main auditorium for singing worship of scripture songs, laugh at some Bible humor, hear from Pastor Dave, attempt to learn the first all church Bible verse, hear from folks about what God has done in their lives through an open mic time and pray together. That will be the first 45 minutes of the event. The next 45 minutes will be free time for everyone to experience different aspects of the Bible in 5 locations.

  • Discovery Auditorium – Bible charades/impov
  • Desertview – Bible trivia game show
  • 1st2nd Grade Room – Sword drills
  • Fellowship Hall – Praise/story wall/decorate the Bible cover for the all church verses
  • Ridgeview – Bible questions (ask a Bible question and get an answer from the panel)

There will be wonderful desserts throughout the church
Last name A-W – Please bring desserts
XYZ – Please bring fruit