Are You? Sermon Series

Are You? Sermon Series

Starting Sunday, November 8th at the Richland Campus(November 15 at Prosser/W.Pasco), we will start a 6-week sermon series on Romans 8 titled “Are You?”. Romans 8 addresses who we are in Christ and all we can be when we walk in the Spirit. The six sermons are:

1. Are you freed? (v.1-8)
2. Are you filled? (v. 9-13)
3. Are you adopted? (v. 14-17)
4. Are you included? (v. 18-27)
5. Are you called? (v. 28-30)
6. Are you loved? (v. 31-39)

For some of you, these will be new concepts. For others, these are known truths we need to keep internalizing. Magnets will be provided each week to remind us of these truths during service.

We challenge you to:

• Memorize a verse or two from Romans 8
• Meditate on Romans 8 for the duration of the sermon series
• Use social media when they experience one of these concepts by using #IAM……freed! (please share any cool stories with us!)

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