Become a GROW Group Leader


We’re excited about your interest in becoming a GROW Group Leader at Bethel!
GROW Group Leaders are vital in making followers of Jesus at Bethel Church. We entrust you with a great deal of responsibility in caring for and disciplining your people. Because of this responsibility we ask that GROW Group Leaders:

  • Have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ (~2+ years)
  • Become a member of Bethel Church within 3 months of leading
  • Experienced a Bethel small group as a participant (preferred)
  • Agree to be invested in by a coach and participate in leadership training
  • Demonstrate exemplary behavior in the following areas:
  • + No current habitual or moral struggles (addiction, cohabitation, etc) that would bring shame on the name of Jesus Christ or Bethel Church.
  • + No martial struggles (infidelity, separation, divorce in progress, etc)
  • + Supports Bethel Church’s statement of faith, purpose, and values without any reservation or addition


A GROW Group Leader is expected to:

  • Facilitate their small group meeting with planning, prayer and purpose
  • Lead their group in becoming followers of Jesus by selecting curriculum see approved studies, prayer, and balancing the four purposes (GROW)
  • Select and lead your group in a service project at least 2x per year
  • Identify and develop assistant leaders
  • Participate in leader development trainings and be responsive to their coach

If you are interested in exploring the idea of leading a group CLICK HERE to start the process. Once you complete this short form, one of our small group team members will connect with you one-on one and help you with the next step.