So what is C.A.S.H.

C.A.S.H. is an acrostic tool that can serve as a reminder of how you are spending money. Place the sticker on your credit/debit card, so that before making a purchase, you will see it and can decide if it’s an approved purchase. If you did not pick any up after the service at the Richland campus and would like one, please call 628-0150. Stickers will be available at the Prosser and West Pasco campuses November 3rd.


Am I walking in the Spirit or in the flesh? Am I being motivated to spend/give/invest this money by Him or by fear, pride, greed, lust, etc.


Is this purchase/outlay approved by God in His Word? By my spouse? Is it in my budget or plan?


Have I done my research about this decision? Have I sought counsel? Is there a less expensive, more effective, better alternative?


Have I considered this use of money from an eternal perspective? Does it advance God’s kingdom and His purposes?