Campus Elders Q&A

A new role

Bethel Elders and Campus Pastors are prayerfully considering who the Lord would want as Campus Elders at the West Pasco and Prosser campuses. Campus Elder is a new role at Bethel. These godly men (see I Tim 3:1-7, Tit 1:5-9, and I Pet 5:1-3) will provide spiritual oversight of the campus congregations and enhance vision and leadership at the campuses.

What do Campus Elders do?

Campus Elders will care for and lead the campus congregations in conjunction with campus staff. They will have specific responsibilities related to membership, discipline, evaluation, staffing, finances, and vision implementation.

How will Campus Elders relate to Bethel Elders?

Bethel Elders and Campus Elders will train and work together jointly, as well as independently. The Bethel Elders will continue to be responsible for doctrine, vision, all-church emphases and decisions. Campus Elders will initiate shared responsibility in staff hiring, budget review, and staff evaluation at the campuses.

Will we have Campus Elders at Richland also?

Not initially. With the presence of the Bethel Elders and the large staff at Richland, the need is not as immediate as Prosser and West Pasco. Campus Elders at Richland will be considered later.

When will Richland have Campus Elders?

We hope to complete the selection and confirmation process by the end of the calendar year.