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Regional Pastors Care Packages

Jonathan Shradar



  • Care packages will be assembled and sent to pastors in the region. This packages could have books, gift cards, or other items to bless pastors.
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  • For pastors in the Inland Northwest; that the Lord would equip them for ministry and surround them with faithful leaders and disciples.
  • That pastors throughout the region would be refreshed this holiday season and energized to do ministry in their context.
  • That the Lord would continue to raise up new pastors and new churches to reach the lost in Eastern Washington.


  • Serve on the Care package team.
  • Help decide what items would be included in the care packages.
  • Help generate the list of pastors that will receive the care packages.
  • Volunteer to help assemble and box the care packages.
  • Write a letter to a pastor letting them know you are praying for them and their church.
  • To serve in any way contact Jonathan Shradar


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.