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Start Bethel outreach ministries in east Kennewick

Angela Hufford



  • Review a few key facts about Kennewick:
  • + Largest of the tri-cities at some 76,224 people.
  • + 16.2% of the population lives below the poverty line.
  • + Kennewick High has a dropout rate of 18.2% (highest in Kennewick)
  • + Affordable rentals are difficult to find.
  • + 24.2% of Kennewick is of Hispanic origin.
  • Several influential churches have left east Kennewick to build in the west of the Tri-cities.
  • Reflect on how God has prepared Bethel for ministry in a new area (e.g., we have started new venues, we already have three sites, our community outreach has grown dramatically, etc.)


  • For the Lord to provide the right leader to lead this new ministry.
  • That the right people from existing Bethel campuses will join this new outreach.
  • That God will lead us to community leaders who will be able to impact the whole area.
  • For a Hispanic leader to join the ministry and start a Spanish speaking service.


  • Join the group of people who want to be a part of starting a new ministry in Kennewick.
  • Attend the pre-launch planning meetings and contribute your ideas (time and place TBD).
  • Join one of these teams that we need to make church happen:
  • + The hosting team greets people as they come in.
  • + The hospitality team provides coffee and refreshments for people.
  • + The facility team sets up and tears down all the equipment.
  • + The tech team runs the sound, video and other technical aspects.
  • + The children’s ministry teaches and watches over different aged children.
  • Help find a suitable place in east Kennewick where ministry can happen.
  • Drive around the apartments across from Park Middle School and pray for the area.


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.