Core Health for Men

What it is

  • Core Health is designed to encourage and equip men to build and maintain healthy relationships in their lives.
  • The Core Health small group studies will equip men to be obedient to Christ by studying and applying scripture, praying diligently, and forming healthy relationships. The Core Health messages and discussion help us look at our lives and relationships through scripture, study, and discussion. Come join other men, like you, who are on the journey to becoming stronger Christians, better husbands, better dads, better friends, and better disciples.
  • Questions: Dave Stevanus
  • Monday GroupREGISTER
  • Date: Jan 20-Mar 17
  • Time: 6:30-8:30p
  • Location: View Rooms
  • Info: The four Core Health group Bible studies (Crash Course on Jesus, Basis, Family, and Friendship) will equip men to be obedient to Christ.