Day of Giving Report


  • December 7 was the focus of our Day of Giving for The 13. For those of you newer to Bethel, The 13 is Bethel’s 3-year campaign to aid captives, build churches, and change culture among 13 groups of people. Although it was a “Day” of giving, many gave prior to December and some gave as recently as this last week. So our report today covers gifts given to The 13 from November 16 through December 17, from all three Bethel campuses—Richland, Pasco, and Prosser.

    Our Goal and Results

    Our goal to get us on track with our budget projections was $200k.

    Here are the results!

    72 – the number of first-time givers to Bethel. More people are excited to invest in God’s work through The 13.

    626 – the total number of givers. This is a combination of individuals and couples, so it actually represents a larger number of people, and demonstrates the solid commitment we have to seeing through to finish the work of The 13.

    And the total amount given was $319,310.06–this is over 50% beyond our goal! We are excited to finish strong through 2015 and into completion in March of 2016.

    Thank you to all who gave generously and participated in this special Day of Giving.


    Watch this video to learn why we have a Day of Giving: