Foyer Phase 1

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Foyer Remodel: Phase 1 – To design a central space that suggests a sense of community

Tom Lueck


  • Read this article about “Welcoming New People” and learn about how 40% of first time visitors make up their mind about a church before they even see the pastor: Article


  • For the Lord’s hand to guide those on the design team in the right direction
  • For the design to be that of an attractive space where young adults would desire to spend time with one another
  • For unique ideas to be presented that offer both creativity and longevity
  • For a sense of community to develop as deeper connections are formed in the new foyer space


  • Volunteer to help with the foyer demolition or construction projects
  • Tour the new foyer space once it is opened and operational
  • Offer to serve as a greeter in the new foyer space
  • Meet a friend in the foyer café area before or after church service
  • Invite a non-churchgoing friend for the first time and introduce them to others in the foyer


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.