To give to Bethel online, sign up or sign in to Online Giving. Online Giving offers many features like a complete giving history of both online and offline gifts, access to giving statements for tax purposes, as well as the ability to manage your own contact information and small group involvement.


According to the Bible everything belongs to God. That means that we are not owners. We are stewards. He entrusts His resources to us to use for His purposes.

Psalm 50:10 | Acts 17:25

Maximizing Your Gift

There are several ways to give to Bethel. In order to maximize your gift, we recommend you use the offering boxes or your bank’s bill-pay service. Those options have the lowest overhead cost so when you use one of those options, your gift is maximized. We realize not everyone has a bill-pay service, so we also offer online giving. Giving statements are mailed out in January.

  • Offering Boxes

At each service there are offering boxes near the entrances to the main meeting room. You can place cash or checks in these boxes. Gifts through checks and cash in envelopes marked with your name and address will be recorded for tax purposes.

  • Bank Bill-pay

Many financial institutions offer a bill-paying service. While your gift to Bethel is not a bill, you can use the bill-paying service which will send a physical check to Bethel through the mail. Please note the city name of the campus you attend in the memo field. Contact your financial institution for more information about these services.

You can give to Bethel via an electronic check, debit/credit card, or text-to-give. Bethel elders discourage giving through debt.