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Care for, educate, and develop kids through child sponsorships and school support.

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  • For Bosicot, HCM Director of Education, to effectively direct the ~50 schools associated with HCM churches.
  • For orphans and other children who are at serious risk because of poverty and lack of care and opportunity.
  • That the schools will remain open and able to provide meals, education, and spiritual training for the kids through sufficient child sponsorships.
  • For the administrators and teachers to care for, educate, and develop children who will help lift Haiti out of material poverty and cultural discouragement.
  • For the existing HCM orphan home, other related orphanages, and Christians who take in orphans to provide love, encouragement, and hope, along with meeting physical needs.
  • For funding for the proposed HCM orphanage home complex.
  • For the Play It Forward soccer and basketball programs that provide youth with meals, accountability, a healthy environment, spiritual training, and leadership development.



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