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Finish Makungwa Strong

Melonie Soden

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  • Bethel Church in partnership with World Vision and the communities in the Makungwa region of Zambia, Africa, have been working and training the people of that Area Development Program to become sustainable. Learn how child sponsorship has been the backbone of this program.
  • 2013 Annual Report


  • Pray for the success of the Christian Witness initiative; that it Biblically educate and encourage the Community pastors.
  • Pray for duplication—that the gifts and education through the ADP program will be taught to the younger generation further encouraging sustainability in Makungwa.
  • Pray for the World Vision community workers and staff for perseverance, protection, energy and emotional/physical healing.
  • Pray for a strong education base for both boys and girls throughout Makungwa.
  • Pray that God be with them and continue to encourage them as our partnerships come to a successful end.


  • Write a letter to your sponsored child.
  • Send and email to your sponsored child.
  • Volunteer to help with a Church-wide letter writing day for the sponsored children of Makungwa, Zambia.
  • Share your story of sponsorship of from a past mission trip that can be put on Bethel’s blog.


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.