Counseling Services at Bethel Church are Christ-centered and guided by the absolute truth of the Word of God. The ministry of Christian counseling embraces the integration of the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of individuals and families. The vision of Christian counseling is to bring Christ’s wellness and wholeness into lives by promoting physical health, emotional well-being, healthy relationships and spiritual maturity.

Bethel Church offers the following types of counseling:

  • Individual
  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Specialized Therapy
  • Child and Adolescent
  • Educational Programs and Workshops
  • Scheduling an appointment


    Call Bethel Church at 628-0150 to schedule an appointment with our counselor, Brian Clemmons.

  • Initial appointment


    Brian will meet with you to assess your individual needs and discuss a plan for further individual, marital or family counseling with him. In some cases, Brian may point you to additional resources or groups, depending on your needs. (Provided for Bethel attendees at no charge)

  • Additional appointments


    If you decide to continue with counseling, you will be asked to complete an intake packet which includes your personal profile, therapist disclosures, and legal and insurance information. Subsequent sessions include goal-setting, insight, skills development and weekly homework.

  • Payment



    If you have an employee assistance program or medical insurance that covers mental health counseling, your sessions will be billed to your insurance provider. You are responsible for the co-pay and deductible.


    If you are a self-pay client, your fee will be determined based on family size and income. Brian will explain how the fee structure works at your first session.