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Produce 5 projects (music and video) aimed at attracting young adults.

Drew Walsh



  • This idea of using creative music and media as currency for the next generation has been used by many churches around the globe. You can visit other church’s websites (Hillsong, Bethel Redding, NewLife, MarsHill) to see the focus they have on investing in the arts.
  • You can can also visit YouTube and see the amount of views their content generates, and in the comments read some of the stories of people impacted by their media projects.


  • For Spirit-breathed songs and creativity among the artists already involved.
  • For the resources needed to accomplish these goals, including people, time and money.
  • To attract artists around the area that need to be utilizing and growing in their gift.
  • That God would be the sole glory earner in all that the team does.


  • View and promote content on youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Offer your gifting in creative arts (music, lyrics, video production, website content, sound technician)


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.