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To mobilize the resources and people of Bethel Church to care for the 153 million orphans worldwide (including 108,000 orphans in the USA Foster Care System)

Windy Hancock



  • Attend a Foster Care Informational Meeting held quarterly at Bethel.
    Contact: Windy Hancock
  • Attend an Adoption Information Meeting held quarterly at Bethel.
    Contact: Renee Schroder
  • Educate yourself by pursuing the Orphan Care resources in the Bethel Library / Pdf


  • Pray about your personal involvement
  • Pray for wisdom, endurance, and hope for those families actively fostering/adopting orphans
  • Pray for the orphan to have a future and a hope in Jesus
  • Join the Bethel Orphan Care prayer team.
    Contact Jessie McNeil


  • Sponsor a child in Haiti.
    Contact: George & Char Frank
  • Aide a specific Bethel family with adoption expenses (tax deductible).
    Contact: Blaine & Rachal Carr
  • Contribute to the Bethel Adoption Assistance Fund (Designate Bethel Church Orphan Care in the adoption fund name, tax deductible)
    Contact: Blaine & Rachal Carr
  • Go on Short Term Mission Trip to Haiti – help minister to orphans.
    Contact: Traci Denton
  • Participate as a counselor or other helper at Royal Family Kids Camp for foster kids on June 17-21, 2013 or be a mentor to a Royal Family Kids Camp child for one year.
    Contact: Teri Pearson
  • As a small group, support families actively caring for orphans.
    Contact: Kelli Templeton
  • Join an adoptive/foster care parent support group monthly meeting. Adoption and Foster Care Q&A for Moms; 1st Tuesday of every month @ 7:30pm at Sharehouse.
    Contact: Renee Schroder
  • Serve on a Orphan Care ministry team.
    Contact: Windy Hancock
  • Foster a child.
    Contact: Windy Hancock
  • Support adoptive/foster families through service (meals, cleaning, babysitting, etc.)
    Contact: Ashley Williams
  • Provide a backpack for a foster child.
    PDF List


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.