Overcoming Teenage Insecurity

It doesn’t start with a high view of self,
but a high view of God and others

By: Seth Hanson

I was reminded, several months ago, of my life in middle school. As a 7th grader, I weighed 175…but I wasn’t the 6’1” I am today. I was a terribly insecure bowling ball rolling down the hallways of Cheyenne Mountain Junior High. My squeaky voice kept girls away, as did my pimple-filled face. I had great parents who saw God’s potential in me, and spoke words of truth. I am thankful for them, as I am thankful for those of you who are reading this. You obviously care. I LOVE what John Piper has to say to insecure teenagers(link below)…don’t focus on yourself and give yourself pep talks. Rather, focus on God and His brilliant creation. That will challenge our insecurities better than any positive pep talk.

Take a look at John Piper’s ARTICLE