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Dave Hilliard




  • For Jonas Dorlus, HCM Director of Evangelism, to effectively guide and direct HCM pastors and churches.
  • For Bethel’s pastor training teams to partner wisely with Dorlus, Etienne Prophete, and lead pastors in planning quarterly pastor training gatherings.
  • For HCM pastors to be devoted to God’s word and effectively teach it to their people.
  • For HCM pastors to make good use of books and study materials supplied by Bethel.
  • For vision, hope, faith, confidence, and boldness, in the churches as they embrace the mission God entrusts to them.
  • For the pastors to be able to make a living while focusing on leading their churches.
  • For Bethel and HCM to be wise in providing financial support to pastors and churches.
  • For churches whose buildings were damaged in the earthquake or otherwise inadequate to have the means to repair or augment their buildings.
  • For new pastors to be raised up and new churches to be established.


  • Join with your small group, family, or friends to “link” with a Haitian church and pastor: Dave Hilliard
  • Attend a Haiti prayer and update meeting. Contact Jan Simonson
  • Go on a Short-Term Mission Trip to Haiti: Click Here
  • Join Bethel’s Haitian pastor/leader training team. Contact Dave Hilliard
  • Serve as an intern with HCM. Contact Mike Tvedt


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