Porterbrook Learning

Porterbrook Learning

Porterbrook Learning is a theological training course suitable for all Christians regardless of knowledge, education, or experience. Porterbrook students are shown how to connect the dots of Scripture, from Genesis through Revelation, to see the big picture of God’s redemption of people through Jesus Christ.


7 reasons you should consider Porterbrook Learning at Bethel

The Porterbrook Network strives to provide Gospel-Centered training that…

Biblical: is deeply rooted in and springing forth from the Scriptures
Missional: starts from the understanding that all that we do in the Christian life is intended to be “missional”
Practical: contains rich theology applied in details so as to be relevant to real life
Flexible: allows one to remain in their everyday vocation and to participate in their local Christian community
Affordable: provides quality, in-depth training at a reasonable price
Accessible: is designed for the ordinary Christian and yet remains compelling for even the theologically trained
Comprehensive: offers holistic biblical training in the areas of Character, Bible & Doctrine, the Church, and Engaging the World

There are two approaches to Porterbrook that we offer: Certificate and Concepts and Conversation

Enhance your understanding of God’s global purpose through lectures, activities, and selected readings. Receive individualized feedback upon completing weekly homework, personal response sheets and the semester project, deepening your understanding. If you are not interested in receiving credit, we recommend this as the best option for getting the most out of Perspectives.

You receive the same teaching and lectures as the certificate level, and are expected to read one or two key articles a week and complete several personal response sheets during the semester to help you process the material. You will not receive a grade, but it will be recorded if you completed the level. No certificate for completion of Perspectives is given at this level.

Dates and Price

  • Orientation: September 7
  • Class Starts: September 26
  • Price: $500