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Develop relationships by learning and addressing the needs of the families in the West Pasco neighborhoods.

Tim Phillips



  • Bethel desires to meet the needs of young families. The Broadmoor facility will offer better services times and weekday ministries to help in meeting their needs.
  • Bethel is currently only one of two evangelical churches in the West Pasco area north of the freeway.
  • Realizing the city of Pasco demographics (55.7% Hispanic, 38.7% White, 5.6% Other) we desire to break down unfamiliarity and language barriers so that relationships may be built.


  • For Bethel to deepen their understanding of needs presented within the community of West Pasco whether they be spiritual, economic, racial or social.
  • That we would respond to the community by developing ministries that speaks to the known need.
  • That Bethel continues to build a reputation in the community to be a church with open hearts, arms and doors so that people might feel acceptance and realize the hope God offers.


  • Relocate Bethel’s West Pasco campus to a facility to better meet the needs of young families on Sunday mornings and provide ministry offerings throughout the week.
  • Regularly attend and involved yourself in the ministry God has called us to in the West Pasco area.
  • Help in teaching and assisting the development of classes that will reach the community, i.e. Divorce Care (and for Kids) | Financial Peace | Parenting | Marriage | Alpha (or other) | Job Acquisition training.
  • Help in the development of women’s gathering (like Joy) to provide an environment to engage women and young families to discover Christ, experience transformed lives and grow spiritually.
  • Be involved in Bethel sponsored school outreach (Elementary, MS, HS, College).
  • Develop Bethel’s Benevolence ministry to open a Pasco intake office.
  • Take part in adopt-a-neighborhood activities when presented (GO!Kids, BBQs, school outreach, neighborhood prayer walks, neighborhood connection activities).
  • Serve with Bethel alongside partnered Hispanic church to help them in reaching the community, possibly in sharing of the Broadmoor facility.
  • Teach, be a student or help organize a Spanish Language Learner Class so that we have a better understanding of the Spanish language used by our neighbors.
  • Make connections with community organizations to encourage their use of the church facility. Help them use the facility by serving as a facility host while they are there.
  • Acquire land in the West Pasco area to meet the future needs of a growing church body by providing a permanent church home in the community.


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.