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To provide online resources; articles, website links, books suggestions, and Bibles to be used as tools in an effort to help Bethel parents become more Christlike in parenting.

Seth Hanson



  • Visit website regularly to gather information
  • Practice what is learned from online resources


  • Pray that parents take the time to interact with the online resources
  • Pray for the team that is managing the online resources: finding articles, monitoring, advertising
  • Pray that the resources would help support and equip parents well


  • Be a part of the web team in one of the following ways:
  • + Promote and advertise the blog to Bethel parents and the community
  • + Monitor the blog posts regularly in an effort to keep it healthy
  • + Contribute to the blog by writing articles and posts on general parenting and age-level specific parenting
  • + Produce or find creative video productions on parenting to post on the blog
  • Share the online resources with other parents
  • Contribute good parenting resources with the team


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.