Richland Campus Elders Q&A

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Campus Elders have been functioning at the West Pasco and Prosser campuses for nearly a year. The Bethel Elders have recently appointed Campus Elders at Richland . Here are some questions you may have.

Why are we implementing Richland Campus Elders?

As a multi-campus church, Bethel desires to address the specific needs of each campus. Although currently the Bethel Elders predominantly attend the Richland campus, having Richland Elders will help them focus on all-church issues without overlooking Richland needs. We also desire to broaden our leadership base, expand leadership opportunity, and improve eldership in some areas.

What do Campus Elders do?

Campus Elders care for and lead the campus congregations in conjunction with campus staff and the Bethel Elders. They will have specific responsibilities related to membership, shepherding, prayer, discipline, evaluation, staffing, finances, and vision implementation.

How will Campus Elders relate to Bethel Elders?

Bethel and Richland Campus Elders will train and work together jointly, as well as independently. The Bethel Elders will continue to be responsible for doctrine, vision, all-church emphases and decisions. The Richland Campus Elders will take the lead in Richland-specific issues. We anticipate recommendations, referrals, and approvals in both directions.

How will they relate to staff?

Richland Elders will encourage, partner with, care for, and provide input to staff. They will be involved in approving some hires and assessing ministry health.

How are we implementing Richland Campus Elders?

After prayerfully considering more than 30 quality men, the Bethel Elders examined five, who have accepted and been appointed as Richland Elders. Two current Bethel Elders (Dave Hilliard and Tom Lueck) will also serve as Richland Elders. After they have served a year or so, the Richland Elders will be affirmed by the Richland congregation for staggered three-year terms. Additional Richland Elders may be appointed later.