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Open an outside coffee shop to attract and build community
amongst regional young adults.

Evan Burt



  • Visit the Sharehouse website and read the “About”page:
  • Visit Sharehouse and speak with one of the Baristas about purpose and mission.
  • Attend a live music event or outreach event at Sharehouse.


  • For those who do not attend church to visit Sharehouse and see meaning.
  • For young adults in the community to experience Jesus, perhaps for the first time, through a uniquely redemptive event at Sharehouse.
  • For the Sharehouse Baristas and other staff to be a shining light within the community.
  • For a sense of community as deeper connections are formed within the Sharehouse space.


  • Invite a friend to Sharehouse and stay for awhile.
  • Attend a live music or outreach event.
  • Purchase a unique cause-oriented item from Sharehouse’s merchandise.
  • Volunteer to help with an outreach event held at Sharehouse.
  • “Like” the Sharehouse facebook page and share upcoming events through social media Sharehouse on facebook
  • Volunteer to pass out flyers or other means of communication for a Sharehouse event.


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.