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To offer training, resources and support to single parent families in an effort to share the gospel, increase parenting skills and further Gods kingdom

Corey Wakeley



  • Parenting techniques specific to single parents in an effort to parent well


  • Ample childcare for events
  • Good connections between single parents and others
  • Discernment for genuine needs that are brought forth


  • Have your small group adopt a single parent family
  • Be a part of the team to offer special events with childcare provided monthly
  • + 4 Hour events, 1 hour for skill development/refreshing for parent, 3 hour time without “stress” of children
  • + Be a part of the childcare team
  • + Attend event with desire to connect with single mom (mentor relationship), be a part of the food preparation team, help with set up/clean up
  • + Be a part of the advertising development and implementation team
  • + Investigate Spanish speaking availability for trainings: lend Spanish speaking abilities to ministry
  • + Offer VBS curriculum for children during events; be a small group leader for children’s groups
  • Partner with benevolence to “find” single parents in need
  • Partner with single parent ministry
  • Partner with East Kennewick ministry to increase ministry opportunity in single parent families populated area
  • Partner with Men’s Ministry to offer male role models for children and “handyman” skills to help with single parent households.
  • Partner with Ignite Youth Mentoring to be a mentor for kids who need another adult in their life as a positive role model


  • Your gift will support the entire campaign of The 13.