Your Kid’s Identity in Christ!

The value and power of your kids Identity in Christ!

By: Seth Hanson

I love my wife, for a million reasons, but one of the most important ones is that she is an amazing mom. She does many things with our boys, Blaise and Calvin. One of my favorite things that Krista does is that, often, when she drops off the boys off at school, or Nana and Papa’s for the weekend, looks into their eyes and says ‘Blaise, remember who you are. Calvin, remember who you are.’ This quick and insightful statement reminds our kids to live out of their identity in Christ. She doesn’t just want them to obey to obey, but she wants them to obey because of the power of Christ in them…their identity.

Keeping our kids focus on their identity in Christ instead of what they have or what they do is an incredible challenge and opportunity. This video series on RightNow Media* is really good…not perfect, but good. Session 2 on identity is amazing. Take a look! VIDEO

*RightNow Media is an incredible online resources with video curriculum for your small group, your kids, your personal spiritual growth in the areas of Parenting, Bible Study, Training, with the flexibility to watch anywhere anytime. To sign up for this resource, email me at.