Marathon Mentality: What You Need to Know About Local Anti-Trafficking Efforts

What’s Going On

Maybe you’ve heard of FREED, Bethel’s ministry to combat human trafficking. Perhaps you’ve driven by the gym on the Richland Campus and seen the big silver SOLD: The Human Trafficking Experience trailer. Maybe you’ve heard about our SUDS outreach to local hotels centered around Boat Race Weekend.

But did you know that we had 11 verified cases of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the Tri-Cities over the past year? And that the Tri-Cities has become a leader in Washington State in the charge against sex trafficking?

And did you know that there have been exciting changes to the FREED ministry over the last few months?

A New Direction

In order to lay the ground for a new, ground-breaking project we have in the works – and to keep our current projects going – we have started a new non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against trafficking. This organization is called Mirror Ministries: reflecting the grace of God to victims and survivors of human trafficking.

Mirror Ministries’ mission is to respond to domestic sex trafficking with the love of Christ through local intervention, restoration and aftercare while motivating many to respond to the global human trafficking crisis with justice and mercy. As a brand-new organization, we are still working on materials like logo and website, but look for us to be the Sharehouse Cause of the Month in April!

Mirror Ministries will oversee and run SOLD: The Human Trafficking Experience, SUDS hotel outreach, and coordinating local hotels and other agencies to intervene in sex trafficking activities, and … our ground-breaking new project: coordinating services and developing a home for local survivors of sex trafficking.

This is a long-term project that will require much prayer, research, thoughtful planning, fundraising, and volunteer support. Please keep us in your prayers as we begin this journey. We are encouraged by the example of those who have gone before us, both currently and in the past, such as William Wilberforce, who “knew only a marathon mentality, rather than a sprinter mentality would prevail in this cause.”

FREED is still a Bethel ministry, and will continue to have monthly prayer meetings on the first Monday of the month at 7:30p in the House of Prayer (portable next to the Activity Center at the Richland Campus). If you would like to receive email updates from FREED (which will include prayer and volunteer needs for Mirror Ministries), you can sign up here.